Friday, March 19, 2010

Additional Car Sharing Benefits

So as I mentioned, Jeff and I are now sharing a car. While it's certainly inconvenient at times (like Thursday, when I was stuck waiting for him after an on-site client meeting for 70 minutes), I realized there are some definite benefits:

1. Eliminates temptation to make secret drive-thru runs

It doesn't happen too often anymore, thankfully, but occasionally I still have the urge for a "secret" snack at McDonald's or Burger King. I'd run out on lunch for BK chicken fingers and fries, or swing by McDonald's for a milkshake on the way home from work. While I wouldn't exactly classify it as "secret" eating (I wouldn't go out of my way to make sure Jeff didn't know about it), I wouldn't be shouting my little indulgence from the rafters. Now if I want to stop for ice cream on the way home, I have to tell Jeff about it. And we can go together. Just not very often!

2. No more lunch-break shopping runs

At least once a month, I go to the TJ Maxx near my work and spend anywhere from $30-$80 on crap for myself. A new top, new shoes, housewares stuff, a new purse. I look forward to these trips and usually plan them around my paychecks. I've even had months where I've spent up to $170 on these little lunch-time escapades. Without a car, I am no longer able to incur this sort of damage.

3. Cuts into afternoon snacking time

Jeff's schedule is a bit later than mine, so back when I had my own car, I'd usually beat him home. The first 45 minutes after I walked in the door weren't far from a snacking free for all. Granted it wasn't extremely unhealthy food, but it wasn't uncommon for me to have three snacks in a row during that time. Grab some almonds, have a string cheese, grab a sugar-free rice pudding cup. All of this on top of my real afternoon snack at work. Before I knew it, I could easily consume up to 500 calories of unplanned snacks. It's sad to admit, but I loved this time. I loved coming home and spending an hour and half alone, snacking in bed while watching trash TV. It was MY time. As much as I love Jeff, I thoroughly enjoyed that little hour to myself to eat, watch TV and nap. It was my favorite time of the day.

That time no longer exists. We get home together, and it would be weird for me to start snacking when dinner needs to be made. So I make dinner, work out, shower and read in bed. Reading in bed has become the new snacking in bed. I suppose that's progress! :)


  1. We are a one car family as well and I find the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

  2. Oh interesting! I find it funny that most people (and by people I mean middle-class Americans) balk at the idea of sharing a car. Our society is so obsessed with materials items, and people find it inconceivable to not have at least one car per adult in a household.

  3. I would probably cry if I didn't have a car, which is more than a little bit ironic considering I WALK to work! In fact, my gym is 2 miles away--I could walk there too.

    Your "pros" for being a one-car household are pretty impressive and your new tradition of having alone time in bed with a book is pretty awesome. My boyfriend and I are moving in together this summer and contemplating ways that we'll still get our own "me" time despite cohabitation. I think I'm stealing your idea :)

  4. Oh, that's exciting! Yes, it's definitely important to maintain the "me" time. The bf and I each have our own ways of decompressing. He typically plays video games or works on his music in the living room or his office, and I typically read or watch TV in the bedroom. It's understood that the living room is more his territory, and the bedroom is more mine. We often spend up to three hours without seeing each other, each doing our own thing in our respective territories. I think it's important to recognize that just because you're living together, you don't have to spend every available minute together. In fact, you'll probably drive yourself crazy if you do! :)