Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lauren vs. The Cupcakes

Top reasons I am NOT going to have a cupcake when they're distributed at my office this afternoon:
  • An hour after eating it, I'll feel completely wiped out and shaky.
  • They're caked in super sweet buttercream frosting that hurts my teeth and makes my tongue feel slimy.
  • The post-cupcake tiredness will cause me to skip my workout later since "I already blew it today."
  • I have no idea how many calories would be in said cupcake. Could be anywhere from 350-800, and I don't like those odds!
  • In two months, I'll never remember the pain of resisting this cupcake, but I might be wearing smaller jeans!
  • Tomorrow is Weigh-In Wednesday, and if I don't work it, I'll have to report a gain to all of you in Internetland!